Woman-to-Woman Soiree

:  Wednesday, October 5th, 2011
Time:  6:00-8:00pm
Location:  Atlas Restaurant
                   3111 Woodward Ave
                   Detroit, MI 48201-2723
                   (313) 831-2241  
Contact Tanuka Datta at tdatta@med.wayne.edu

Atlas will be preparing a very special three course menu for this event -  an exclusive preview to their restaurant week menu!  
Wine and spirits available for individual purchase
Price:  $35 for dinner (includes gratuity) and raffle entry

Please RSVP/purchase tickets by Friday, September 16th!

We are currently sold out of student tickets! 
If you are still interested in attending, please contact Tanuka Datta at
tdatta@med.wayne.edu so that we may place your name on a waiting list.  Thank you for your patience!



The Woman-to-Woman Soiree is an exciting opportunity for female medical students to learn from (and be inspired by!) female physicians of all different specialties.  Your donations are very much appreciated and will help medical students to cover the cost of the event. 

*Our non-profit status is pending for December 2011, therefore donations will not be tax deductible until then.  If you have any questions about donating to Wayne State AMWA, please contact Alicia Eby at aeby@med.wayne.edu

About the Woman-to-Woman Soiree

Now in its second year, the Woman-to-Woman Soiree is an opportunity for medical students to interact with female physicians and faculty, while seeking potential mentors to guide us through the early stages of our medical career.

The Woman-to-Woman Soiree is unique as it is an all female event.  Physicians and faculty members from a wide range of specialties bring their insight and personal stories to share.  Previously, we have had representatives from Orthopedic Surgery, Psychiatry, Radiology, Nephrology, Endocrinology, Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Internal and Geriatric Medicine, Hematology-Oncology, Family Practice, and Family Practice and Preventative Medicine.

Medical students from all four years and residents are encouraged to attend.

Physicians and students sit together and enjoy a full three course meal at a top Detroit-area restaurant.  Physicians are invited to speak and share their experiences and thoughts about what it means to be a woman in medicine.  Physicians often choose to offer up "pearls of wisdom" about how to be a successful medicla student and female physician.  At the end of the evening there is a raffle where both students and physicians have a chance to win a range of prizes -- from spa gift certificates, gift baskets, and mugs.
If you're interested in attending, please contact Alicia Eby at aeby@med.wayne.edu.